Veraison ["verr-ray-zohn"] (n):

In grape-growing, veraison is the onset of ripening. This is the period during which green berries begin to sweeten and change color.

Veraison is considered the most important moment in a grape’s lifecycle, when berries begin to ripen and mature. The grape berries become darker, firmer and sweeter. The darkening of the grape skin actually protects them from sun damage and other stressors as they move into the final, and most critical stage of development.

In winemaking, there is often debate about whether wine is made in the field or in the winery. There is a similar debate in leadership thought, where the discussion is about whether leaders are born or developed. In both cases, the answer is "a little of both." Leadership is both innate and developed. At Veraison Leadership, we cultivate and develop the leader within.




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    Build diverse, efficient, and fast-moving teams rooted in psychological safety.

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