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The beginning…

September 2020

Welcome to Veraison Leadership Group (VLG) and the Leader’s Harvest Blog!

VLG is planting the foundation for a leadership development firm that is committed to growing leadership capacity in the individuals and groups we work with. 

Veraison is a key timepoint in a grape’s lifecycle, it’s at this time that a chemical reaction is taking place within the grapes. During this reaction, the grape’s taste is changing from bitter to sweet, and the color of the grape’s skin also changes (to protect it from the sun and other stressors) before it starts the most critical, final stage of development.

Just as veraison is a transformative point for grapes, this transformational period of opportunity also exists within the leadership cycle. It is at this time that VLG is able to influence the future harvest of a leader’s impact on others. The similarities between viticulture, winemaking, and leadership development are uncanny:

  • Be patient, fertilize and cultivate, it takes time
  • Listen to mother nature, humans (and vines) need certain environments to thrive
  • Learn from the past, adapt to today’s climate
  • Harvest the fruit, do it again, activate the leadership (and agricultural) cycle

Over the past two decades, I have led teams of all kinds and sizes. Some good, and some not so good. At the same time, I have reported to some phenomenal leaders who have inspired me to perform at high levels. My successes and failures along the way have taught me about leading others and the impact that leaders have on job performance and people’s lives in general.

Over that period of time, my love of wine has grown stronger as my understanding of it has grown and expanded. Learning about the hard work of farming grapes, meeting some of the most passionate people you will ever meet, and developing an understanding of their ability to adapt and be resilient to nature’s twists & turns- it is both an art and a deep understanding of the science of viticulture. Leadership is also an art and a science, and effective leadership requires that both perspectives are embraced.

Welcome, we look forward to creating a ripple effect of positive leadership with you! Along the way we will meet new people, find new ways of thinking, and of course, have some fun!

About the Author

Paul Casanova


Founder & Chief Leadership Cultivator of Veraison Leadership Group, Paul has also been a Life Sciences commercial leader at fortune 500 companies and several innovative startups. As a curious mind, a believer in continuous learning, and a lover of wine, Paul uses his strengths to fuel his passion for developing people.

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